275/55R21 In Inches

What size tire is 275/55R21 in Inches?

The 275/55R21 equivalent to 32.9x10.8R21 in inches, as follow:

  • 32.9 inches (836mm) stand for the tire diameter, also referred to as the tire height
  • 10.8 inches (275mm) is the tire width, this may also know as the section width
  • 21 inches (533mm) represent the rim diameter or called the wheel diameter that can be mounted on.
Diameter32.9"836 mm
Tread Width10.8"275 mm
Rim Diameter21"533 mm
Sidewall Height6"151 mm
Circumference103.4"2626 mm
Revolutions613"381 mm
tire diameter
Tire Side
Tire Circumference
613 Revs/Mile

How tall is a 275/55R21 tire’s height?

The 275/55R21 has an overall diameter of 32.9 inches or 835 mm tall (measured from the outside edges of the wheel)

How wide is a 275/55R21 tire’s width?

The 275/55R21 has a width of 10.8 inches or 275 mm wide. This is the measurement of the tire at its thickest point, the distance between the outer sidewall’s widest point and the inner sidewall’s widest point. This physical width of the tire can change if the tire is mounted on a wheel slightly wider or narrower than the size indicated by the rim width.

What is a 275/55R21 tire sidewall height?

The 275/55R21 has a sidewall height of 5.9 inches or 151 mm tall. It’s measured from the wheel rim to the top of the tread, expressed as a percentage of tire width.

What size rim do you need for 275/55R21?

The 275/55R21 tire has a size rim of 21 inches or 533 mm. This number represents the distance between the two bead seat areas where the tire is sealed onto the wheel.

How many revolutions for 275/55R21 per mile or kilometer?

The 275/55R21 performs 613 revolutions per mile or 381 revolutions per kilometer. Revolutions per mile indicate the number of times a tire revolves while it covers the distance of one mile/kilometer

How about 275/55R21 tire circumference?

The circumference of 275/55R21 is 103.4 inches or 2626 mm.

What’s wider or narrow than 275/55R21 is acceptable?

You can replace the 275/55R21 tires that are within ±3% of the overall tire diameter. In this case, it’s between 31.9 and 33.9 inches (810mm to 860 mm). Check our tire size chart here or the tire size calculator tool here to find your size.

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